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Backyard Babbacombe

Divernet 16 Apr 2021
Entering the water during the warmer months, you are greeted by a forest of bootlace weed stretching up from the seabed right to the surface ... Swim straight out far enough and you’ll reach a sandy expanse, and a whole new environment to explore ... As I make my way over the kelp-covered seabed, a corkwing wrasse dashes for cover.

Pacific groups write to UK for support against deep sea mining

RNZ 15 Apr 2021
They also seek a moratorium on the Authority issuing exploration contracts in international seas. Governments in several Pacific Islands countries - Cook Islands, Tonga, Kiribati and Nauru - have sponsored exploration contracts for companies hoping to mine the deepest parts of the seabed for polymetallic nodules.

China breaks deep-sea sediment core retrieval record

People Daily 09 Apr 2021
... on the seabed 2,060 meters under the sea on Wednesday ... As the world's only seabed drilling apparatus with a drilling capacity of more than 200 meters, it can help explore natural gas hydrate resources in the seabed.

China drills in disputed South China Sea as US naval patrol grows

Al Jazeera 09 Apr 2021
The system can help explore natural gas hydrate resources in the seabed, Xinhua added, referring to the solid ice-like crystals formed from a mixture of methane and water that are touted as a promising source of energy ... China’s oil and gas exploration activities in the South China ...

Major companies support call for temporary ban on deep-sea mining

Splash24/7 08 Apr 2021
The companies have joined the increasing chorus of concern about the significant risks to economies and to ocean health that would arise from opening up the deep seabed to extraction of minerals ... Since 2001, 30 exploration contracts for deep-seabed minerals have been approved, however commercial mining of the deep seabed has not yet taken place.

China drills deep in disputed South China Sea

Straits Times 08 Apr 2021
The system can help explore natural gas hydrate resources in the seabed, Xinhua added, referring to the solid ice-like crystals formed from a mixture of methane and water that are touted as a promising source of energy ... China's oil and gas exploration activities in the South China ...

Immersion cooling to offset data centers’ massive power demands gains a big booster in Microsoft

Crunch 08 Apr 2021
LiquidStack does it. So does Submer ... Solutions under the sea ... The liquid cooling project shares most similarity with Microsoft’s Project Natick, which is exploring the potential of underwater datacenters that are quick to deploy and can operate for years on the seabed sealed inside submarine-like tubes without any onsite maintenance by people ... .

Greenpeace stages Pacific Ocean protest against deep-sea mining

Mining Dot Com 06 Apr 2021
The protest took place 900 nautical miles (1,036 miles) off Mexico’s western coast, in the Clarion Clipperton Zone (CCZ) – a huge swathe of seabed where potato-sized nodules rich in cobalt and other battery metals are abundant, and where DeepGreen has an exploration license.

Companies back moratorium on deep sea mining

BBC News 04 Apr 2021
UK Seabed Resources, a subsidiary of US aerospace giant Lockheed Martin, with two licences to explore for minerals in the Pacific, said it was gathering the data needed to assess the "environmental soundness" of nodules ... in charge, the International Seabed Authority.

Another Life: Undersea noise caused by humans a major threat to whales and dolphins

The Irish Times 03 Apr 2021
A recent world review in Science found “massive declines in the abundance of sound-producing animals” and impacts extending to fish and seabed creatures, seabirds and reptiles ... Naval active sonar is linked to exceptional cetacean strandings in sources of ocean noise explored by Jonas, the research project co-ordinated from UCC.

Automakers BMW, Volvo back moratorium on deep seabed mining

Standard-Speaker 01 Apr 2021
The call was supported by the environmental group World Wildlife Fund, which has campaigned against deep seabed mining ... Global Sea Mineral Resources, a company exploring deep seabed mining, said it didn’t support the moratorium but claimed environmental surveys are already required by the International Seabed Authority, which regulates the industry.

4 firms agree to call for ban on deep-sea mining

Shenzhen Daily 01 Apr 2021
In backing the call, the companies commit not to source any minerals from the seabed, to exclude such minerals from their supply chains, and not to finance deep seabed mining activities, the WWF said in a statement ... “With much of the deep-sea ecosystem yet to be explored and understood, such activity would be recklessly short-sighted,” the WWF said.

Major companies call for moratorium on deep-sea mining

RNZ 01 Apr 2021
Advocates of deep sea mining say polymetallic nodules found on the Pacific seabed are needed to make batteries for electric vehicles which will aid transition to de-carbonised economies ... The companies say alternatives to deep sea mining must be explored urgently, including recycling, reducing demand, and developing "responsible" land-based mining.

Deep Green hits backs at firms opposing seafloor mining

Mining Dot Com 01 Apr 2021
“Any vote against the exploration and research into this promising solution – for that is all that is currently underway – is ... The International Seabed Authority granted DeepGreen exploration rights  in the Clarion-Clipperton zone of the northeast Pacific Ocean in 2011.

BMW, Volvo, Google and Samsung call for ban on deep-sea mining

Mining Dot Com 31 Mar 2021
Yet regulations to support the emerging activity have yet to be agreed upon by the International Seabed Authority (ISA). The UN-backed body of 167 countries has already issued exploration contracts to 21 companies, but they cannot begin mining until regulation is passed.